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As a special edition Katie can offer singing lessons!

The aim is too use her wealth of experience to inspire others, by sharing her skills and extensive experience,  helping those to develop their  own unique style as an artist, improve their technique as a vocalist and confidence as a performer. 


Sessions are individually tailored to suit your needs and personal goals,

whether your goal is to perform professionally, prepare for an audition, or to sing for your own pleasure and hobby. Katie can help explore and develop your own voice, at your own pace, in a fun and inspiring way, whilst employing safe vocal practice in a respectful environment. 

Lessons can include:

• Vocal warm up/cool down exercises 

• Breathing exercises (inspired by Alexander Technique)

• Posture correction

• Microphone technique

• Performance skills

• Artist development

•Vocal health and wellbeing advice

Katie has great links and contacts into the music industry and can give you great advice and guidance depending on what you inspire to do.



If you wish to enquire about singing lessons.

 Please contact katie at the contact page.

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