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Katie Brisbourne has a distinctive voice that is soulful and powerful, her fascinating charm creates an interesting performance, which entices you to fully engage and connect.

Naturally, this voice is a fusion of R&B and soul and very popular for singing her favourite type of music which is Soul and Motown, 80s and 90s club classics and some of the old school 90's R+B and garage songs.
That being said, Katie is very versatile and can adapt well to different types of music, ranging from the 50's right through to chart topping modern day music always aiming to please her guests
Katie is available to perform at weddings, parties and corporate events.
 You can book Katie performing solo to backing tracks, or as an acoustic duo with one of her experienced guitarists, adding a spin and unique flavour on the popular and most wanted covers, either providing you with laid back feel good music, or offering more of lively audience involved party set.  
 Katie is also involved in a popular five piece party band called 'The Vertigo Band'  who are also very versatile  and sure to get audie up on their feet dancing. Katie is great at reading the room and can adapt and tailor the set  well to suit you and your guests. 

To find out more information on how you can book Katie, please enquire at the contact page.​   

Also you can follow Katie on Instagram and on her Facebook page below to follow all her up to date news. 

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